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With the current global economic growth and increase in foreign investments, HR and recruiting issues in Asia have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Foreign, multinational companies with operations in the Korean and Asian Markets, and domestic companies are vying for the most skilled candidates. Many HR managers are turning to new recruiting strategies. Korea too, is at the threshold of becoming the economic center of Northeast Asia, with ample opportunities for investment. With its transformation and economic revitalization in the past few decades, South Korea has emerged as a modern, industrialized nation. An important part of Korea success has been that it is blessed with an extremely well educated and talented workforce.

Traditionally, large Korean companies recruited directly from colleges and universities through open screening exams offered en masse once or twice a year or through referrals and recommendations. Smaller companies have typically gone through the time and cost consuming routine of running ads in the mass media, receiving applications, and screening hundreds of applications in search of qualified candidates to hire. Now, due to long term lifetime employment crumbling and increased labor mobility, recruiting methods in Korea are changing. Many individual workers now regard job changes as a way of upgrading their personal value. Others have no choice -- layoffs have forced them to reconsider their views towards job changing. For Korean companies the new labor environment means that traditional recruiting methods are no longer always relevant, making executive search firms more popular. Foreign firms too have often used executive search firms in Korea to fill positions.

A specialist headhunter or a search firm is always the best bet for a company to be able to identify and recruit the best available candidates in a short time. Executive search firms are paid by client companies looking to find highly qualified people for specific openings so they sometimes outsource part of the hiring and screening process to executive search firms. Using background knowledge of the industry and the information that they will have gathered on the culture of a company, along with further research and a wide network of contacts, an executive search firm is able to find the perfect candidate for a company.

What's more, a search firm relies upon a good reputation as referrals serve a large proportion of new business. To keep this reputation to a high-standard means always presenting a company with clients that exactly match its requirements. For instance, recruiting a sales professional with a history of excellent conversion rates and a consistent record of achievement is a tough challenge. When outsourcing this task, it is extremely important that you enlist the services of an expert - someone who knows the industry and is able to find genuine top performing sales professionals. As it is extremely rare for a top salesperson to actively look at working for another company - they are nearly always headhunted.

What makes a search firm like for instance Top Headhunter, a Korean search firm, so unique is the emphasis that is placed on communicating with the client and building up a strong relationship. This not only enables this search firm to gain an in-depth understanding of what is required within the role, but goes beyond the job description to determine the personality needed within a company's workforce to be a success as they specialize in finding and placing professionals and senior management for companies across all industry sectors. Also, they are experts at finding the exact type of individual that you need for all positions, ranging from grass-roots level right through to directorships.

It is therefore a combination of factors that are used by the search firm in Korea to create the powerful strategy. The sole aim is to create a synergistic match between a company and a prospective employee. Such Korean search firms are fully aware of the market and spend a lot of time researching the top producers within a particular industry. They focus on communicating closely with the clients, developing a thorough understanding of the job description and the candidate information, and maintaining a strong compliance with local labor laws.

The Korean search firms are well established and experienced as they know exactly how to sell a company to the people who it would ideally like to recruit. They are successful because they are continuously enlarging their circle of contacts through proactive networking techniques and the results have been proven. These head hunting firms add further value by nurturing relationships with the qualified and difficult to find executives spanning months and years and they are maintained, even after the executive has been placed.

Now more and more companies recognize the advantages and therefore are turning towards these search firms in Korea for assistance.

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